Ramya R Girimaji

Founder and Director

Ramya R Girimaji is the founder of The Attic Gray and heads production of women's wear. She conceptualised The Attic Gray and has expanded into this space in November 2015, after 9 years of creating bespoke outfits from her boutique Cutt.

Anirudh Prasad

Director- Finance and Operations; Head of Men's Wear

Anirudh Prasad is Director of Finance and Operations. He comes from a finance and business background but also had a natural flair for men's wear design, which has led him to head the men's wear team at The Attic Gray.

Naomi Eapen

Director- Retail Operations

Naomi Eapen is Director of Retail Operations, marketing and merchandising at The Attic Gray. She has over 9 years of experience in the fashion retail industry.

Jayanthi G Ravi

Founder and Director

Jayanthi G Ravi is a founder and director at The Attic Gray in an advisory and strategic role, honed from her vast experience and expertise in management.